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EFAWIN is the best sportsbook online live betting site in Singapore and Malaysia. We offer all the major sports such as English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, UEFA Champions League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga 1, NFL, NBA, NCAA, Women Basketball, Tennis, Formula 1 and many more. Up to 4,000 Live Betting soccer matches in a month.Best odds in the Singapore and Malaysia online casino market. We are ready for 2022 FIFA world cup, Join now to start your world cup betting Singapore Malaysia.

At EFAWIN, we provided the best betting on the Super League and Malaysia Cup football, as well AFC Champions League, AFC Cup and other Asian football competitions for our football lovers. Understanding Decimal Odds The one and only download using European bookies from Malaysia is the odds format is different. In Malaysia, bookies use what's referred to as Malay Odds. At Euro betting site the odds are named European odds, also named decimal odds.

Decimal odds represent how much you'll be returned on a winning bet. So for instance if the odds are 1.80 and you bet RM100 you'll get back RM100 * 1.8 = RM180, of that RM100 was your stake and RM80 is your benefit. Keep in mind unlike the Malay odds there is no positive or negative figure. When betting a heavy underdog the odds may be 2.50. Again, if you bet RM100 the payout is RM100 * 2.5 = RM250 of which RM100 was your stake and RM150 your interest. Had we used Malay odds instead, 2.50 decimal odds are the similar odds as -0.67 Malay.


At EFAWIN, we wish to reward you alongside with the sports you love. Our "Grade A" Sportsbook has the latest odds updated with major brokers around the world. Enjoy bet with us with zero worries! Sign Up with us today for good privileges, bonus and Sportsbook rebate! We have the best ongoing promotions available for our players. Online Betting Singapore and Malaysia is divided into many kinds of segments to provide a simpler way for you to hurriedly and simply locate the sites that you actually attracted. no matter you are a betting learner or a gambling expert, it is certain that you'll discover this betting channel a precious source. Overall, our team is dedicated to making your online betting experience fun and enjoyable in Singapore and Malaysia.