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[ 13-07-2022 ]

This year's championship is the most important? Iguodala: Curry doesn't need Finals MVP

This year, Curry led the Warriors to win the championship and was elected as the Finals MVP for the first time in his career, making up for a major shortcoming. Some people think this championship is the most important thing to Curry. But Iguodala doesn't think so. Recently, he was a guest on "Le Batard And Friends" and said that Curry doesn't need the Finals MVP to prove himself.

In the program, the host mentioned that Curry seems to enjoy this year's championship more than the three championships the Warriors won before. In this regard, Iguodala said: "I don't think so. I don't think Stephen needs a finals MVP to prove anything. In the era of OK combination, Kobe didn't win the finals MVP. O'Neal was very strong at the time, but That doesn't prevent Kobe from still being the best player in the league."

Previously, Curry led the Warriors to win three championships, but the 2015 Finals MVP belonged to Iguodala, and the 2017 and 2018 Finals MVP belonged to Durant. Over time, some people questioned Curry's poor performance in the finals. But in Iguodala's view, this is a typical "field theory".

"Stephen was perfect in the Finals," Iguodala said. "Sometimes people just hold on to the stats from a few of those games. If Steph scores 18, people say he can't get Finals MVP. " Well, it's too bad; but what they overlooked is that even though Steph only had 18 points, he was the reason why the Warriors could win by 20 because he drew all the defenses. Steph finally proved that this year, and I'm in for it. He is happy."

But in any case, this year's championship must be unforgettable for Curry.