5 knockouts in one round, fighting veterans fight back! Can another miracle happen?|en

5 knockouts in one round, fighting veterans fight back! Can another miracle happen?
[ 12-07-2022 ]

5 knockouts in one round, fighting veterans fight back! Can another miracle happen?

At ONE 156 in April, 36-year-old fighting veteran Liam Harrison created a miracle in stand-up fighting history. Next, he will attack the world championship in ONE 161 on August 27, which will also be another peak of his career.

In a match that will go down in history, Harrison looked a little helpless against Lumpini champion Muangthai PK. Saenchai, who was eight years younger than him. Muangthai hit the ground with a high sweep, and after getting up, he was hit in the chin by Muangthai's straight punch and fell to the ground again. According to the ONE Championship Muay Thai competition rules, if you are knocked down three times in each round, if you are knocked down four times in the whole match, you will be judged to lose by TKO.

Seeing that he was about to be terminated by his opponent, Harrison, who was still staggering, did not step back to buy time for recovery, but directly attacked Muangthai. Perhaps it was the unexpected performance that caught Muangthai by surprise, or perhaps it was Harrison's strong fighting spirit and tiger-like impact that caught Muangthai overwhelmed. The 36-year-old miraculously knocked down his opponent three times in a row. Complete the shocking reversal.

In one round, even in just 2 minutes, the two sides made five knockdowns. This is very rare in the entire history of stand-up fighting, and it is even more incredible for the side that is still at an absolute disadvantage to complete a counterattack. With his amazing performance, Harrison received a double bonus of $100,000 on the spot, and also won the right to challenge the world championship.

Now the high-profile world championship battle is finally coming, but Harrison will face the incomparably powerful defending champion Nong-O Gaiyanghadao this time.

Nong-O is also known as the "Living Legend", he is the champion of Lumpini and Canaan Long, and also spans 135 lbs/61 KG, 130 lbs/59KG, 126 lbs/ across the Lumpini ring. 57 KG, 122 lbs/56 KG four levels won the championship title, and won the Lumpini Boxing Stadium in 2005, 2010 the best boxer of the year title.

To be able to win the two boxing championships of Lumpini and Canaan Long is completely worthy of the title of Muay Thai King, not to mention that Nong-O has spanned a full four levels. In addition, he also won the title of the best boxer in 2005 and 2010 selected by the Thai Sports Bureau, so it is no exaggeration to call him a "living legend".

After signing with ONE Championship, Nong-O has won 8 consecutive victories and defended the bantamweight Muay Thai World Championship five times. What is even more surprising is that the 35-year-old Nong-O has become more and more courageous. In the past three defending battles, he has won by KO opponents, including the famous "Successor of Yasan Klei". Saemapetch Fairtex.

Veteran Harrison has already created a miracle. Can he create another legend this time against Muay Thai legend Nong-O?