What is "Turnover" and how to calculate it?|en

What is "Turnover" and how to calculate it?
[ 17-05-2021 ]

What is "Turnover" and how to calculate it?

If you’re new to online casinos, you might not be familiar with the word “Turnover” also known as “Rollover”. In this article, we’ll be explaining everything you need to know about “Turnover” or “Rollover”.

What is turnover?

Basically, turnover means the sum of all your valid betting amounts, win or lose games will be counted. Draw, tie, cancelled, void or bets placed on two opposite sides will not count towards the turnover accumulation.

1. RM10 + RM5 + RM10 = RM25 (Turnover = RM25)
   (Win)    (Win)    (Lose)

2. RM10 + RM10 + RM10 = RM20 (Turnover = RM20)
    (Win)     (Tie)     (Lose)

3. RM50 + RM80 + RM30 = RM130 (Turnover = RM130)
    (Win)     (Lose) (Cancelled)

You can always check your turnover amount status on the “My Wallet” section.

Turnover requirement for promotions

Have you wondered why most deposit bonuses are required to meet certain turnover requirements before players can make a withdrawal?

The reason for this is to prevent players from instantly withdrawing after claiming any bonus without playing any games. To be fair, for the casino's side to give extra bonuses, players will need to play more games / matches at the casino as a condition.

How to calculate how turnover requirement from promotions

In most cases, the required turnover amount will show on the withdrawal interface after claiming the bonus, players may go to the “withdrawal” section to check.

And here’s how to calculate it:

Examples: 100% Starter Pack Bonus

Deposit RM100 + Bonus 100 = 200 Credits

100 + 100 x 4 = 800
(Deposit + Bonus) x (Turnover) = (Turnover amount)