How to deposit via VaderPay on Efawin?|en

How to deposit via VaderPay on Efawin?
[ 28-04-2021 ]

How to deposit via VaderPay on Efawin?

VaderPay (Online Banking)

Step 1: After login into your Efawin account, click on the “Menu” button on the top right and click "Deposit".

Step 2: You have to fill up your bank account information before deposit for the first time.

Step 3: Select your desired promotion, and click "Next" after done selecting promotion. (You may also choose “No Promotion”, in case you do not want to claim any bonus).

Step 4: Select “VaderPay” as your deposit method. Enter your desired deposit amount.

Step 5: After double check on your deposit details, click “Save” and you’ll be directed to VaderPay online banking interface.

Step 6: Select your bank and login to your online banking account.

Step 7: Double check on the deposit details, then request TAC from your bank and click “Submit”.

You’re all set! Your fund will be credited to your account within 1 - 2 mins, and you’ll be ready to rock!