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AC Milan VS Sassuolo Analysis & Prediction
[ 21-04-2021 ]

AC Milan VS Sassuolo Analysis & Prediction

AC Milan currently has a total of 66 points, ranking second in Serie A, while Sasorolo is currently ranked eighth with 46 points, a gap of 12 points from the Champions League. The two teams have previously played against each other as an unbeaten record of four wins and two draws for AC Milan. But the current AC Milan Serie A home win rate is only 44%, and the away win rate is as high as 84%. On the other hand, Sassuolo's current league home and away games have no obvious difference in battles. AC Milan's last league home game was 2-1 at Genoa, and they also scored three wins and one draw in the last four league games. In Sassuolo's last league away match scored 1-0 against Benevento, and in their last five league games, they had two wins and three losses, with a net loss of two goals or more in one game.

The current coach of AC Milan, Pioli, has started his coaching career in 2003 and has a wealth of coaching experience. He has coached with Inter Milan, Sasulo, Lazio and many other well-known Serie A teams.

Efawin prediction:AC Milan 1 - 2 Sassuolo

AC Milan finally scored the highest score in their home match for the first time in recent months, and can double this performance on Wednesday to regain confidence, and the return of "King Zlatan" may become a decisive factor.