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BETSOFT gaming platform introduction
[ 10-08-2020 ]

BETSOFT gaming platform introduction

BETSOFT game platform introduction

Tired of 2D game graphics, do you want more immersive excitement in your eyes? Then you can't miss BETSOFT, which is famous for its excellent 3D rendering technology. The wave of 3D styles they lead overturns the visual effects that were accustomed to the past and rewrites players' vision and standards for online slot machine selection. They are not just experts in slot machines, they have also become the North Star that guides the direction of making 3D movie games. The level of both qualities is also the key to stable returns on their customers' investments and successful operations.

Betsoft, established in 1999, is headquartered in the Republic of Malta, known as the "Heart of the Mediterranean". Since 2005, Betsoft has felt the limitations and bottlenecks of traditional two-dimensional games and hoped to have a more prominent performance in-game character control and dynamic display, so they chose to use 3D as their creative medium. After unremitting R&D and innovation, the three-dimensional and realistic slot game series with visual effects was born. The game screen has reached a new milestone. The standard movie-level animation and graphics have improved the layout and vision of the slot game in one fell swoop.

At present, Betsoft has launched more than 150 different types of casino games, including more than 60 online slot games and video poker, as well as blackjack, keno, roulette, lotto, and other games. The reason why players give Betsoft a high degree of trust and affirmation is that in addition to the exquisite game graphics, it uses the most advanced RNG system to generate unlimited combinations. In order to ensure that the game is completely random and provide players with a fair and impartial gaming environment, Betsoft has launched a mathematical model of each product, which has been verified by an independent testing laboratory. In addition, Betsoft has also obtained the eGaming license and IP compliance services issued by Curaçao eGaming, with internationally credible certification to provide customers and players with safer gaming experience.

Faced with the fact that Adobe Flash Player has become the end of the battle, Betsoft uses HTML5 to develop a new Shift™ platform as the framework for its games, simplifying the design and deployment of the game, while meeting the desktop and mobile versions, and conforming to the current general operating system ( Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS), saving many support resources for dealer customers. In addition, the new animation engine of Shift™ is much faster than the previous Flash, so the animation screens are more refined and delicate. The Shift™ platform also supports progressive downloading, saving players waiting time for loading, and retaining the details and details of the original product. This version allows players to immediately start the game and enjoy Betsoft’s classic games.

Board games with rich themes have always been Betsoft's strengths. Slots3™ creates a unique interactive game experience to redefine the possibilities of entertainment. On the other hand, in the face of the expansion of the customer base using mobile games, Betsoft launched the ToGo™ platform series of games, retaining all the details and quality of the desktop games, including the most popular "Mr. Vegas", "Rooks Revenge" and "Greedy Goblins" And other classic games.

Betsoft, which has been working in the 3D field for decades, continues to expand any possibilities. Just like their Poker3™, it is the world's first poker game with real 3D movie graphics, fast gameplay, and realistic visual effects. This is Betsoft’s ambition as a pioneer of 3D slot games.