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ICONIC GAMING game platform introduction
[ 14-07-2020 ]

ICONIC GAMING game platform introduction


The rise of the brand stems from the advent of superstars.

ICONIC GAMING, based in Asia, is committed to the development of video games. The team of ICONIC GAMING brings together the top professionals in the industry and has developed various competitive games in a short time. In addition to exquisite graphics and gorgeous effects, the fairness and game experience of the game is also the focus of ICONIC GAMING. From the eye-catching fishing machines and special slot machines, we can see that the sensitivity to Asian culture and markets has made ICONIC GAMING a new star among video game developers.

ICONIC GAMING's main Dragon Ball Fishing is a popular shooting game, one with 3 beautiful scenes and high odds. Compared with other fishing games, the screen of the Dragon Ball fishing game is more three-dimensional. The 2D plane game presents cute and interesting underwater creatures in 3D, majestic dragons, and scenes that change every 5 minutes so that you can not only experience the excitement of the game. Bring your rich visual effects, the game's special accumulation mechanism and 5 kinds of random multiple rewards add a variety of fishing gameplay.

After collecting 3 Dragon Balls, you can get random enlarged prizes for free. The maximum magnification is 2188 times. The game's collection mechanism greatly improves the player's stickiness to the game.

Also, the ICONIC GAMING game is suitable for all H5, can be used on any device, and adopts natural probability and stable RTP. Its products have been certified by the international third-party research organization GLI (International Game Lab). Slot games are colorful and novel, aiming at the characteristics of Asian players who like fast-paced and stimulating battles, and have designed ultra-high odds to make players want to stop.

Based on accurate market analysis, ICONIC GAMING regularly releases innovative Asian-themed online games every month. Since its launch, it has worked with many successful game platform manufacturers to continuously modify and optimize the internal performance of games and to design games that change gameplay based on consumer experience. , Is the mission that ICONIC GAMING firmly believes in. ICONIC GAMING is proud of its products and team, ICONIC GAMING is your best choice in Asia.