S128 Dragon Phoenix cockfight Platform Introduction|en

S128 Dragon Phoenix cockfight Platform Introduction
[ 19-12-2019 ]

S128 Dragon Phoenix cockfight Platform Introduction


S128 Dragon Phoenix cockfight Baccarat Game Platform Introduction

Cockfight is not unfamiliar to many countries. However, the development of cockfight into local culture has few legal games, and the Philippines is one of them. Over the years, cockfight has become a unique national cultural industry in the Philippines and a source of livelihood for Filipinos! It is also one of the important driving forces for the Philippines ' economy. The history of cockfighting tournaments has a long history in the Philippines and shows the traditional culture of sportsmanship, so it is known as the national skill! Filipinos are proud: "You haven't been to the Philippines without coming to see the cockfight !"

This sport is so loved by the people in the Philippines that a very important factor is in keeping with it. The cockfight contestants decide their own destiny, which is the end of the event, by their own fighting power and luck. At the same time, the participating players reflect people of different social statuses, as long as they are on the arena of the cockfight, from barefoot farmers to holding power All are treated equally.

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