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Sexy Baccarat-Efawin Platform Introduction
[ 13-12-2019 ]

Sexy Baccarat-Efawin Platform Introduction


Gaming industry's first bikini sexy dealer platform

Most of the live entertainment platforms are based on the development of Southeast Asia, but because of the outdated makeup and uncharacteristic appearance of Southeast Asian dealers, there is no way to attract more players.

For this purpose, the Sexy Baccarat Group deliberately traveled to the Americas, selected characteristic beauties of different model levels and different nationalities, and even spared a lot of money to build tens of millions of studios and adopted the most advanced exclusive streaming technology. Its purpose is nothing more than allowing players around the world to play with the bikini beauty dealers in different countries at the same time without being constrained by time and space, giving players an unprecedented playing experience.

The dealers selected by Sexy Baccarat are all professionally trained, including licensing and vivid expressions and enthusiastic movements. They are definitely not in place.

Fair and just gaming platform

Each game has a video playback mechanism, providing each player to review and proofread. If you encounter any problems in the game, you can ask the 24-hour customer specialist for assistance.

Unprecedented gaming experience

Simple and intuitive operation interface, so that all players do not have to worry about learning how to operate, just enjoy the fun of the game!

All the video and audio pictures are presented in a luxurious and enthusiastic baroque style, combined with the high-quality real-life voice of the sexy dealer, people can not help but feel immersive.

In addition to Baccarat, Sexy Baccarat will continue to launch more diverse products in the future, such as roulette, Sic Bo or more. It will also report related promotions depending on the festival. Sexy Baccarat is just the first milestone of Sexy Gaming. It will continue to improve and innovate in the future to meet the changing needs of the Manju market.