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CQ9 Gaming – Efawin Platform Review
[ 25-10-2019 ]

CQ9 Gaming – Efawin Platform Review


In the market of slot machine game brands, it is no easy task to stand firm and strive to survive. This is to quickly stand out and become a player in the heart: but CQ9 is here! For CQ9, "Mastering the player's mentality is not a slogan of the slogan, but professional know-how that he can't shake. The CQ9, which was officially launched in January 2017, is a very young team in the field of slot machine game development. But no matter what product it launches and the actual feedback from the players, the mature performance is so unbelievable that it is just a brand that has been a little over a year, not to mention the first G2 E morning in May 2017. Showcases more than 50 original game skills. Whenever you press the Spin button of the CQ9 game, you can see the strength that matches the attempted heart, and rotate at the speed of someone's heart, revealing the player's eyes.

The game design is aimed at the habits and needs of Asian players. The high multiple odds not only attracts many players, but also the loyalty of those senior players. In the same way, CQ9's charm is not only popular in the Chinese market but also has successfully entered the markets of Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, etc. In the face of cultural background, players like the different Southeast Asian markets, CQ9 adjusts the game value design for each market, bets the betting range of the layer, even the game theme, and the lottery pool, etc., all the right medicine, vote for it, Before entering the market, it is necessary to adjust to the player's habits. When the actual results are officially launched, they will soon be ranked in the top three.

In view of the safety and fairness of the game environment is a major factor in the players to stay, CQ9 sent its games to the international most trusted third-party research organization GLI (Gaming Laboratories International) to test and pass the verification. In the face of different market challenges, CO9 plans to obtain more testing and regulatory unit certification for the region. Behind defending and protecting the rights of players, it is CO9 who wants to make the brand bigger and do the same for a long time. CQ9's intentions for players can also be seen from its powerful back-end support mechanism. Including automatic disconnection, automatic disconnection of automatic disconnection, automatic replenishment, 24/7 technical customer service, zero loss of players is the most important design policy of the CQ9 game front and rear. The player left, and the high amount of water is not far away. The full-featured background is another highlight of CQ9. Agent management, account inquiry, settlement report, note-inquiring, analysis tools, etc. Among them, convenient role permission management mechanism, different role account login can query relative data, detailed The data is an important part of the webmaster management accounting and the development of the marketing strategy. According to the analysis of the CQ9 fast car, in addition to the high adhesion of the game, precision, in place, frequent marketing activities to promote the wave is another major factor, For example, the “Dragon and Tiger List Competition” held between March and May 2017 has effectively increased revenue by more than 100%. Even after the event, the player retention rate and revenue have increased steadily. The data proves that such marketing activities not only successfully attract players to participate, but also guide players from strangers to familiarity, and then to the brand's dead center, unable to extricate themselves.

At present, the activities planned by CQ9 are divided into two types, one is CQ9 ultra-low-cost preferential plan; the other is to provide past revenue benefit analysis, invite stationmasters to increase activity bonuses and create higher efficiency. At the same time, CQ9 launched a game promotion page, which includes weekly updates of popular game rankings, player color rankings, various game features and gameplay descriptions, player strategies, actual cases, and activity zones.