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EFAWIN 4D Betting In Singapore & Malaysia

The statistic has shown that 4D betting is the most famous gambling game in Malaysia & Singapore since the 1950s, draw result and easy understanding betting platform available in the 4D gambling page.

We are the one-stop lottery betting platform. Magnum, PMP, SportsToto, Da Ma Cai, Singapore Pools 4D Lottery, SABAH Lottery, Sandakan 4D, Special CashSweep, GDLotto, Perdana, LuckyHari-Hari is available to bet on our website. Bet up to 10 set 4D numbers at the same time. Highest payout in the market up to 3400:1 for the first prize. Guarantee that you’ll receive the full prize amount when you win any 4D games.

Beside of Malaysia & Singapore lottery games, we have included China lottery for betting as well, platform provided by LiXin and China Lottery, providing games like Chong Qing Shi Shi Cai, Guang Dong Happy 10, PK10, Happy Farm and more China lottery games, result open every 5~20 minutes. Keno games (Happy Lotto) & Hong Kong 6 (Liu He Cai) is also available in our platform, choosing 6 group lucky number combination and maximise your winning up to MYR 460,000.00/ SGD 150,000.00 !