Crazy! Grealish drank at Maguire's wedding, danced in underwear|cn

Crazy! Grealish drank at Maguire
[ 27-06-2022 ]

Crazy! Grealish drank at Maguire's wedding, danced in underwear

Manchester City midfielder Grealish continued his summer spree. The billionaire has been on the media page many times because of his crazy moves. For example, not long ago, he held a crazy party in Las Vegas, Consumed 116 bottles of champagne, which amounted to 93,000 euros, and left in a car with a mysterious girl who was not his girlfriend.

Grealish has been attending weddings frequently recently, and he recently went to France to attend Maguire's wedding.

Maguire's wedding last Saturday at Chateau Varenna in Burgundy cost more than 580,000 euros. Grealish was visibly drunk and danced in only his underwear afterwards.

In a video, Grealish said inarticulately: \\\"It's good to be alive.\\\" Maguire's brother was also shirtless, and he put his arms around Grealish's neck. The video has gone viral in the UK.

In the video, Grealish's model girlfriend Sasha Attowood can also be seen, Grealish teasing his girlfriend: \\\"Look at this face, she looks very decent!\\\"